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Norm Pacific has won over 10 international awards in product design, product quality, research and development capabilities and appraisal for the leading team. from the United States, Germany and Taiwan.


We are awarded on the basis of the following 7 core competencies:

1. Innovation

  • Our strong R&D ability is backed up by the most advanced research organization in Taiwan, Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI).
  • Outstanding capability of product development with more than 50 patents.
  • Capability to design and develop the right product for customers and markets.


2. Complete Testing Process and Equipment
For the purpose of product development and production, we own ample of experimental and test equipment to perform all kinds of tests, including components reliability test, life test and electrical performance test. Test facilities include the following:

Environment Experiment Chamber

Noise Test Chamber

3. Productivity

In view of growing global market demand, Norm set up factories in both Taiwan and Dongguan to support production capacity and offer more flexibility. Current capacity can reach:

  • Desiccant & Compressor dehumidifier: 300K units per year
  • Air purifier/Heater/Other OEM: 1 million units per year


4. Competitive Price

Norm Pacific combined the R&D ability from Taiwan and manufacturing capability from China to make sure we offer high quality products at competitive price.


5. On Time Delivery

  • We keep improving engineering techniques to increase the production efficiency.
  • Through our well-organized supply chain management, we make sure the products can be delivered to customers on time.


6. Experienced Supplier for Global Business Partners
Norm has plenty experiences with many world leading companies to provide comprehensive service


7. Solid Financial Supporting
Major stockholders are public listed companies in Taiwan Stock Exchange.